Leather Honey

February 07, 2013

The staple leather in our market bags is Oiled.

We utilize oiled leather because of its durability and quality and shapability. I also happen to like that it acquires an interesting patina over time. For me, it carries the history of where it has been. But I realize that not everyone loves patina. So we've been testing a product for those customers who would like to renew the finish of their oiled leather market bags.

And from now on, all orders on Leather Markets will include swatches of before and after (see below).

It renews the finish but it also darkens it significantly. The oiled leather can still attain some patina but it will not be as pronounced.


Leather Honey is now available through our website in two sizes: pint (16 oz) and half-pint (8 oz).

If you have questions about how your leather will take this product, just utilize our Swatch Service and make a note to "Test Honey" in the checkout process. More details here.