June 12, 2016

Square Trade Goods Co shot by Cheryl Schulke

If we don't currently build it ourselves, we are always seeking other artisans with a quality standard that meets our own.

Some of you have been asking when we were going to bring in more candles. Here we go. Our favorite new artisan is Square Trade Goods Co from Richmond, VA.

We identify with their brand because they too believe in being "connected to the process, ingredients, and people behind the goods they purchase". And I appreciate the essential nature of their scents. These makers are not short-cutting their product with pre-mixed scents. They craft their scents with essential oils.

Square Trade Goods was founded on the ideals of authenticity and craftsmanship. Every STGC scent is created in-house from all-natural ingredients and each candle is poured by hand in Richmond, VA. They aim to elevate design and art by providing a supportive platform with impeccable quality standards.

Check out our entire stock of Square Trade Goods here. They are moving fast.