Market Portfolio

March 26, 2014

So there's a new bag in town.

We've gotten a few requests through the years to scale the proportion of our market bag and we've gotten a few more requests to build it in various colors outside the standard black, red, and distressed.

Today we are officially releasing the North American Bison Corazón version of the bag in our brand new Portfolio size. The portfolio size is a slight bit taller and more narrow with a sleeker depth. It is ideal for day-to-day use even when that means you are carrying a laptop or ipad around.

The best way to describe it is sleek. The edges on Corazón are hand-painted. The entire bag is elevated from the more casual elegance of the classic market.

And if Corazón isn't your thing, no worries. We are also taking orders to build in Black Bison and Distressed Bison

Limited stock. Allow 6 weeks to build once we sell out.