Take A Seat

April 04, 2014

My family teases me. I have a tendency to collect chairs. Random. Seduced by a line, an angle, a material. I have begun to think we don't give our early experiences near enough credit for the distinctive shapes they form in our later lives. 

Maybe it was those years spent working near the upholsterers at the factory during high school. Surrounded by swatch books. Serving as a sherpa to help narrow in a customers focus and lead them to their destination : a reupholstered chair. Considering the shape, line, material, form.

If you follow me on instagram, you already know the story of the chair shown above. But for a little throwback fun, we excavated a video that shows somewhat of a before shot and a rough sketch of how I came to find the chair eleven years ago.


Never underestimate a piece of furniture you find in the ditch. She had great bones. She spins for heaven's sake. And once I flipped the cushion to find that someone unsuccessfully attempted to light her on fire, I saw the brand was Sherril and the maker was Phoenix. We were destined to be together. Seemed like if anyone deserved a second chance, it was this one. So, I held onto her for 11 years before this moment.

I'm keeping the snow hide one. Probably going to be spinning Baby Stash in it shortly. 

But we have more chairs. About seven years ago, I came across mismatched linen chairs. They had the same DNA, same structure but different appearance. To these also, I held on. At long last when time and leather permitted, we recovered and began to work with a local furniture artisan to craft more. Our own versions of these chairs are a coveted landing spot within the house. You will find one in our shop at West Ave and we are happy to build more. 

The thing I love most about these is the featured branding. Just like Stash bags, we look for the original art in the material and then find a way to feature. I've observed a lot of branding as thousands of square feet of leather have passed through my hands in the workshop. Some are iron-branded. Others are scratch-branded. These are prized. Like rancher folk art. I suspect they had neither money nor time to invest in a more sophisticated branding system.

Every chair will blend with each other if you have more than one but they each have their own distinctive personality. Much like our bags.

Have a creative weekend!