April 22, 2014

I really don't know that we are doing things one way or another to benefit the earth over here. But here are a few things that I do know....

  • I know that collecting old textiles and plucking furniture out of the ditch and trying to breathe new life into old and discarded things seems like it might be good for the earth.
  • I know that building things one-at-a-time with great care and thoughtfulness allows us to be less wasteful.
  • I know that when you are a small business you learn quickly to make lemonade out of lemons meaning that if a project goes slightly south of where you thought it should end up, that you lay awake at night and think of ways to recover or reimagine it. And then you do it. Neither the landfill nor failure are options.
  • I know that we consider each resource precious and do not cut it until we feel very confident that we are contributing to a new longevity with each product we build.
  • I know that we are drawn to other artisans who embrace similar world views.

Take Dolan Geiman, for instance. The pieces of art we have collected take a bunch of seemingly dissimilar items and group them together with great care giving them a new life as cool art.

Ginger Griffice of Marfa Brands makes some of our favorite natural soaps and she supplies our glassware. Remade from old bottles, the Topo Chico and Sol glassware has an inherent history and an honest motive. We don't need to beat the drum about how eco-friendly it is. Its just plain cool and sensible.

Stash currently has an amazing collection of  one-of-a-kind Sam Roberts LA hats and apparel. Working exclusively with vintage materials, John and Bobbie elevate each distinctive piece by embracing the unique character within the object. Such attention to detail elevates each handmade item to a place of wearable art. Again, we could drop buzz words like upcycle in this conversation but is it necessary? It's art.

What does Stash have to throw into the mix of environmentalism? That's up to you. I'd just say we build bags and accessories and furniture with consciousness.

  • We build them one at a time.
  • We waste very little.
  • We use a lot of vintage and deadstock materials.
  • We provide containers which can be reused daily for market trips as well as travel. 

So I don't know if I would beat a drum about any particular eco-friendly aspect of our business but in an effort to promote some American jobs and support our artisans, I'm going to offer 10% off on all purchases of $50 or more. Use the code AMERICAN at checkout. Discount good through midnight tomorrow both in store and online.

And if you are looking for something new and practical, we have a limited edition line of Daily Totes now available. Won't be making any more of these. They don't wear a cape and they aren't going to save the planet in a single bound but they are reusable, they make a good gift, and they are a great way to introduce Stash to a friend.