Artist Feature | Paul Wiggins

April 29, 2014

There is a moment when you spot someone wearing a unique item. You've never seen anything like it. In our commercial, web-driven, world, you figure you'll just mosey over and ask them where they found it. So you do. And they tell you they picked it up in a fairly remote town called Terlingua down in Texas.

Really, what shop?

What's their website?

And that's the funny thing. There isn't one. They tell you that they were passing through on a pilgrimage from Los Angeles to Austin and just stopped in a coffee shop where they were introduced to a man who is known to smith silver out in the desert. 

Oh the beauty of that found piece. Lovely, rare, handmade.




Sterling Silver

Red Brass

Pendants. Cuffs. Money Clips. Buckles. Necklaces.

Stash Co is honored to present the rare and distinctive work of Paul Wiggins.

A graduate of Rice University, Paul had thought he was moving out to the desert to pursue a dream of fine art painting. But he found himself beading and then meeting someone who would teach him the art of silversmithing. He wielded the hammer and honed his vision into these pieces of metal and realized that this art was best suited not only for him but also for his desert home. Something about the light and rugged nature of the landscape inspired him and was translated into his work.

You can see it in the textures. The subtle colors of the metal. 

And each piece is made by Wiggins and marked with his distinctive style to reaffirm the collect-ability of the piece.

We hope you will join us in welcoming this new artist to our fold. We have a limited number of pieces available both online and in store. Come see them in person this Thursday at our Grand Re-Opening. May 1 from 6 - 9pm.
To read more about Paul, please visit The Sche Report.