New and The Year in Review

December 16, 2014

So it has officially been one year since we opened the popup at West Ave. The opportunity presented itself November 2013. The time didn't seem ideal. When the call came through, I was in ICU. It was the week before Thanksgiving and our wine dinner featuring Chef Ara. I was three months into a challenging pregnancy. I had suddenly become very ill and was rushed to the ER.

After some emergency surgery and a week of being observed in ICU, Mr Stash and I decided what the heck. Let's open a popup. The week of Thanksgiving, he and his team built all of the fixtures for our space. The table, the shelving, the racks and those lovely mannequin bases.

First the popup was meant to last a month. But we stayed another and another. Usually hosting music at the factory, we even opened the space to our friend, Will Johnson for a concert in February.

And by my eighth month of pregnancy, we decided what the heck, let's stay until Christmas. So my team and I transferred my collections from the factory and from nether attic spaces into our full-fledged shop. Our friend Margaret Sche helped gather other maker friends so that we were able to surround our handmade work with other makers.

We threw a little party. I was due in two weeks.

The baby arrived and now rather than being sleepless dreaming up new ideas, we were up most all of the night answering another call. But we had made commitments to other makers and just two weeks after the birth, we were hosting our friends Colt and Logan for a Cobra Rock Boot popup in store. Love those boots. What a great time we had.

That just fueled our momentum for something I had longed dreamed of. A Catfish Blues Jam featuring Texas Makers collaborating and building goods for customers on the spot. So, six weeks after the birth, we threw open the doors of the factory. 

We listened to live blues and ate catfish while we built bags on the spot with the help of Chris Franks from Fortuna Monsoon. We featured Kathie Sever of Ft Lonesome, Traveller Denim, Bearded Lady, Sara Van Buskirk, The Wandering Bufaleros, The Mighty Orq, Chef Ara from ARACAN Kitchen, Texas Tea, Karbach Brewing, and Wahaka Mezcal.

Two weeks later, we loaded up the entire family and drove 19 hours straight to Denver for Cherry Creek Arts Festival. We spent three days with some of the most amazing artists, meeting folks from Denver and surrounding states. 

After that, it is fair to say we collapsed. And every time someone eagerly inquired about whether we were going to do another event, I said, talk to me in 2015. But our friends at Marburger contacted us with an opportunity to share a space with some of our favorite artists at the Marburger Farm Antique Show during Warrenton/Round Top. How could we say no.

So in late September we resurrected our bridge booth and brought in our friend, Maurice Connolly who builds our orbs and packed up the store and headed for the country. And what a fantastic show that was. Monica Pope and wife, Sara Eliason made us a beautiful dinner under the stars. We had the best time scheming new creative adventures.

We could see the end of year coming soon and we pondered what to do next. I was missing the factory terribly and we really had outgrown our popup space as we were building more new goods and finding more makers to feature. We participated in an open air market at West Ave in early November and pondered the future.

The week of Thanksgiving, I found myself again in the ER nearly a full year later. I had lost 4 pints of blood and required a twelve hour transfusion and emergency surgery. It was touch and go for a bit but I am happy to report that I feel stronger than ever.

As I was healing from all of that, I received another call from West Ave. Our problem of small space solved. We were able to expand into a larger lovely space at West Ave. The move just happened yesterday but the space is ready as ever for you to satisfy your Christmas shopping. We look forward to putting our personality on the space in the new year.

Stash is now located at 2800 Kirby Drive Suite A120 beside Ann Sacks Tile in the West Ave River Oaks Shopping Center.

Stay tuned for 2015. If this is what we can do with a baby and three surgeries, we can't wait to see what we can do with sleep and health. 

Thanks to each and every one of you for your love and support in all our years of operation.

May your new year bring you great joy and good health.