Inside the Bag

July 15, 2015

We build what we sell. We sell a few other makers but as for our core product line. I design it and my artisan team and I build it.

A great example is our Fyn bag. Named after my youngest daughter, I began working on this bag as soon as I got back in the studio after her birth.  When I returned to work, I realized I needed a slightly larger bag to carry all the things I needed for work (laptop, cameras, chargers, notebooks) plus a few snacks, toys, and diapers. I would not call this a diaper bag but it is my every day bag and we have a long list of satisfied customers who also utilize it as such.

To give you an idea of what our days look like as we build the Fyn Bag, I captured a day when every member of Stash was in the factory building several hundred units.


Straps are a huge part of the overall job. When you are doing a quantity of several hundred bags, multiply the number of straps needed by two. Here is some leather production math for you. To finish the straps pictured above required the following hand work...

1200 mallet swings and
800 edge runs on
200 straps equals
100 sets for
100 bags equals
1 step complete

More than 90% of our time is spent on our feet so we keep anti-fatigue mats at each station. Of that time on our feet, a great deal of time goes into maximizing the hides to get the most amount of product out of the leather. All patterns are hand-cut with claw knives and rulers.

Once a product is cut, it is prepped through a variety of stages which include glueing, trimming, edge finishing, punching, affixing hardware, riveting, and finally sewing and inspecting.


All of which is done with a great deal of care.