Mr Stash

July 27, 2015

Mr Stash is getting some much-deserved recognition for his wood work. He has built a series of tables as well as nearly all of our shop and show fixtures from a single 80+ foot cottonwood tree that was slated for demolition.  He salvaged a 40 feet of the tree and milled it with a jig he built for a 72" chain saw when he realized that his mobile saw mill wasn't large enough to slice the tree.

He also built a kiln to dry the wood. And one thing led to another and suddenly we stash more than leather and fabric. We now stash trees.

Those trees become a conference table for Frost Bank, a private dining table at Lonesome Dove in Austin, and soon a 96" custom coffee table headed to a private mountain home near Monterrey, Mexico.

If time permits, we will also be building a new booth for our expanded 40' space this fall at Marburger Farm (September 29 - October 3) which we hope to have more of his furniture alongside our leatherwork.

What all this means is that after a long day running his other company, he generates a lot of sawdust in the evenings and on the weekends and in every tiny sliver of time in between. For more information on what he does, check out this lovely piece by our friend Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks (photo credit).