A Material Thing

August 21, 2015

Some people believe the story begins with a purchase. At Stash, we believe that is where the adventure begins. The story starts at a point of creation.

I am a lover of materials. Of histories. A seeker, a collector of all things branded, uniquely-finished, battle-scared, character-driven.

It is how I was given the nickname of Stash. The gathering and keeping of material. 

And it is why still today after 8 long years, I still cut and build with my team of artisans. I am driven by the tactile beauty transformed into a useable daily good. The goods are my canvas.

And this is why, everything that is arriving in our fall collection is about material. It is about the sensory engagement with your eyes, your fingers, and even your nose in the case of our leathers.

The collection will debut in New York, Houston, and Round Top. Watch our social media, emails, and website for details.