Light My Fire.

February 05, 2012

New Year's Eve we lit a fire and watched the sparks rise. We worried because Urban Market had been set for February 11/12 and Christmas had left us with very low inventory. We were excited about a new venue but we had no structure to frame our space. We were already scheduled to be out of town at the end of the month, so that left us with one week to brainstorm and two weeks to build.

For those of you familiar with Urban Market, you know that it is a local antique market. Many of the vendors are your favorite dealers of the fields and halls from Round Top to Warrenton. Booths are built largely around furniture, decor, and unique home accessories with several food and farmer's market vendors along with the Orchid Guy.

Bags themselves cannot create a booth. They require structure. So we had to think. Hard.

Not only was time an issue, there was also the budget to consider. We had to somehow dream something up then source unique materials for our idea. It had to be a solid structure that was able to be transported and assembled and torn down rather quickly.

I'm still a little shocked at how things came together. We plowed past a dozen people who said it couldn't or shouldn't be done (another gauntlet). So with equal parts determination and insanity, our build team gave a new life to timbers from several old bridges that Mr. Stash's crew replaced in Austin County. As luck would have it, some of these 70+ year old bridges were maintained by my grandfather, a long time road-man for the county. Sometimes it pays to be crazy.

Aside from the bridge, there will be a slew of new bags. And we will be punctuating our booth with the metal art of our friend Maurice Connolly. Based near San Francisco, his Orbs can be found installed at gardens, homes, and wineries up and down the West Coast.

Come see the results next weekend at Urban Market. Early preview on Saturday from 3 until 6. All day market on Sunday from 9 until 4. The market will be at Bayou City Events Center at 9401 Knight Road. There will be plenty of free parking and a 14,000 square foot pavilion in addition to the regular tented spaces.

See you there!