STASH GATHERS | Inspiration

October 01, 2015

For two decades, Stash has walked the fields at Warrenton and Round Top, buying and selling in various capacities. I pull a great deal of inspiration from the creative community here. This year has been no exception.

I've been finding good things from fellow artists and picking materials for production and was so excited last night upon arriving home, I ran up to the studio and started building immediately. So I expect you will start to see some of my inspiration trickle through the store very soon.

Top photo: Art by Dolan Geiman
Bottom photo: Bone Dust and Stash Found
Dolan Geiman, Bone Dust, and Stash Found available at Stash Co

If you are out in the fields, come visit us at Marburger Farm. We are in Tent G. As you drive along 237, you will see larger than life posters featuring our latest work on the back of our tent. We will be there through Saturday. 

Along with some of my most favorite new Stash, we are featuring rare pieces by legendary Terlingua silversmith, Paul Wiggins. Each piece is signed with the year and makes a fantastic gift or personal splurge. Now available on gorgeous leather cording with a lovely silver clasp.

We received a fresh shipment of Ginew USA Heritage lined, unlined, and Rider Jackets. The story behind these pieces and their dedication to all American made and honoring their family legacy is phenomenal. Heritage pieces are limited edition and we've had a lot of interest in the few pieces we were able to obtain before this particular style went out of production. Officially a collector's piece.

So new, they aren't all on the web yet but just shoot us an email and we'll let you know what stock remains.

Also on the walls at Marburger is a capsule collection made especially for Stash by Houston-based designer, Judy Masliyah. Judy is currently featured in the CAMH exhibit Texas Design Now running through late November.

Have a great weekend.