Tall Boy

March 29, 2012

We are almost ready to welcome the Stash Tall Boy. Made of Waxy French Calf. This bag wears well cross-body and has a long, lean silhouette. I've been working on this Stash Tall Boy for several months. Finally came together this week. You are looking at the road-tester. 

Bags begin as a seed, a sketch, a conversation, a basic idea. Inspired by a material or usually in my case a need of some sort. If I were to sit down and account for every step in the process, it would take a while. The highlights include material acquisition, pattern-making, pattern-testing, and the most dicey and perhaps the most nerve-wrecking proposition - transitioning this shape from your mind into premium leather. 

Many of my bags also require forms to be built. The Tall Boy is no exception.

This winter we borrowed a 100 gallon air compressor from my father-in-law. Then my dad and husband built a vacuum press so that I could employ my wooden shapes (shown above) more quickly. (Quick is a relative term in the custom bag-making business.) Each set of sides spends up to 48 hours in forms.

New forms were sketched and built and tweaked and tested. After this round they have just one adjustment which will be built by my step-dad and then I'll put these boys into production which means the Tall Boys will be ready for May.

Find me in the fields at Warrenton | Marburger | Round Top and I'll let you have a peek at the end product.