Creative Sojourn

April 09, 2012

I build bags. So why are you seeing these large metal objects on my shopsite blog?

Stash builds what needs to be built. Our legacy is filled with generations building mattresses, furniture, bridges, bags, and even software. We appreciate what goes into the process of design and build. We identify with veracious artisans. And it is part of our mission to support authentically hand-crafted goods whenever given the chance. 

For the last Urban Market, when we were building our bridge booth, we realized we needed just a little something. So we imported the work of California metal artist - Maurice Connolly - to round things out with his reclaimed metal orbs and orbits.

I appreciate that his work evolved out of the idea to find some value in something commonly cast off. It is this very thing that fuels our creative fire. And that he was using wine barrel rings was perfect. 

Our factory - to which Maurice made his creative sojourn this past week - was where my grandfather built mattresses and rehabilitated furniture as his main business for most of his working life. But as my grandfather retired, he spent all of his waking hours growing things. He also embraced his German heritage and began to carefully cultivate grapes and craft wine, making the best of what he could from our native soils. I still have the last bottle of wine my grandfather gave us as a gift with its carefully handwritten label. 

I have to think he would be rather happy to have us host Maurice as our first official Creative Sojourn at the old factory. For more on Maurice, check out his Maker video.