Medina Messenger

April 13, 2012

Artist, Edgar Medina has been an ardent and patient supporter. He excavated a sample bag that I had featured on Facebook from way back and set his mind on convincing me to finish it out for him. He succeeded and I am grateful. When I am designing a pattern for a bag and taking through the process, I evaluate in practical terms if this is a bag I really want to make again. I had convinced myself that this was one that I did not. 

However, Edgar's encouragement gave me pause to reconsider and I became quite attached to the messenger mix of oiled canvas and leather. Now Edgar is rocking what I have decided to call the Medina Messenger and I have finally finished pattern-making so this bag is part of my custom repertoire.

Thank you Edgar! You can see Edgar's work this weekend at Midtown Art in the Park and at 902 Hardy Street - Open Studio Saturday on April 21.