Good News | New Goods

May 17, 2012

Urban Market is this weekend in Houston. We have managed to expand our bridge booth to a full 20x20. Come see us and ask us how we repurposed a 70 year old bridge into our sales structure. 

I have also made a few new things. Look for my new repurposed canvas guitar|camera strap known as the Stash Pro. I will also be taking orders off a bag I made recently for myself. I call it the Overnighter.

We have expanded and upgraded our leather camera straps to a new longer length with a more minimalist design available in both standard leather and a range of exotics, including python.

We will have one wall of cash-and-carry and one wall of goods that can be made-to-order. For example, all of our popular leather market style are made-to-order. We will have a good selection of Le Gran Sac in Ginger available but once they sell out, we'll be taking orders from the made-to-order wall.

I hoped to have more canvas this round. My favorite canvas is that guitar strap but I will have a sample canvas bag on hand from which I will take custom orders.

We will have a very special selection of Orbs and a single 36" Orbit constructed by Metal Artist, Maurice Connolly of California. These are special because they were built at the Stash Factory this spring.

As always, if you have seen anything you like and we don't have, I will be happy to discuss the possibility of making what you are looking for. You guys have kept us crazy busy this spring and we are incredibly grateful. Hope to see you this weekend.