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July 28, 2012

This summer has been monumental for Stash & Company. 

We've expanded the Stash crew. We have added three dedicated builders (shown above), an accounting assistant, and a contract seamster with two additional part-time finishers on call. To document our growth and several top secret projects, our friend Debora Smail of Reality Photography came by for a factory visit.

Throughout the summer we've begun expanding into hospitality and lifestyle products as well as taking on several larger scale design concept projects. We are embracing our roots and going back to what moves us. Only building what we love and would carry to the edge of the earth. Expect to see a broader selection of leather, textile, metal, and wood in October. We have a few surprises in store and will be expanding our offering at Urban Market. So mark your calendar and come see us October 27-28.

Look for an introduction to our expanded team to follow. But for now, here is a quick shot of our Build Crew and some outtakes from the week.

Stash shooting crew.

Random Factory Series [by Stash]




Moments in between.



And community.

For every moment spent working in what occasionally felt like endless consumptive quiet, I am grateful for every one of the passionate and supportive individuals who have taken up our quest. Special thanks to Debora and her team who help us celebrate and share Stash moments. Her art does our art proud. And every photo here with exception of my square montage in the middle was taken by Reality Photography. 

Have a great weekend!


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