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July 29, 2012


These are your builders. For our dedicated customers who worried, you need not. They are formidable.

Stash is carefully scaling production. Our business is attracting hard-working college creatives who are seeking the opportunity to be resourceful and work with their hands. Along side me they are invested in every single bag, strap, apron, and other assorted lifestyle products we build. They bring an extraordinary level of detail and pride in their work. They invest long hours in unairconditioned spaces of our Texas factory without complaint. They lock the door at the end of the day as if it were their own.

In their first week, they were able to realize several prototype visions that had been dancing in my head and we've already had a request for this product in Europe.

Screen Shot 2012-07-29 at 5.02.41 PM

Dallas AKA Lightning

My first official summer builder, Dallas took every skilled task I threw at her and completed it within the heartbeat it was assigned. When I'm working, I have a tendency to rapid fire tasks in semi-automatic. style. Thus she earned the nickname "Lightning". She has truly been my right hand and we've worked seamlessly together. Her favorite project this summer has been the Gunslinger. She will be headed to college in the fall but we look forward to having her back on weekends, holidays, and next summer.

Screen Shot 2012-07-29 at 5.01.42 PM


Justin 1

J. Raphael AKA Blade Bender

Much like his sister Dallas, J. Raphael spent about an hour as an apprentice and then moved into the role of full-scale builder. He has been integral in helping realize all recent prototyping including the Gunslinger which he collaborated on with Dallas as well as our leather apron and hospitality series of products which are still in development. He brings an attention to detail and precision with a background in design, photography, art, and music.

Justin 2

Bw apron shoulder

Much like the renaissance of handcraft coming out of Brooklyn and other parts of the US, we are a small Southern microcosm of creative work. We are all grateful for your consideration.

Our product is available exclusively at Stash Co and Urban Market (come see our repurposed bridge booth). You may contact us via email or watch our Facebook as many products sell out before we've posted to the website.


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