wind under the wing of a sparrow

August 13, 2012

Never underestimate the wind under the wing of a sparrow.

I thought I had August all planned out. But somewhere in the distance a sparrow stretched its wings, beating against the warm air. The Stash office phone rang. Leather apron. "Sure, no problem."

Meeting in 24 hours. Delivery in two weeks. The gauntlet had been laid out (and I've made it no secret, my love of a challenge) so I heard my mouth utter once more, "sure, no problem." As I hung up, I paused only a second before rulers, pattern paper, and graphite began to fly.

By Friday, my team and I had executed four samples and followed the next week with leather check presenters and waiter books. It was as if the call unlocked a door - behind which was an entirely formed idea (I love those kinds of doors).

On Tuesday, August 14th you may view the fruits of our labors (and theirs) as Sparrow Bar + Cookshop opens its doors at 10am. 

Aprons will be available for purchase on our website very soon. We are completing web samples in various finishes and sizes. Though not yet listed for sale, we've been fielding orders via email from a variety of craftspersons including woodworkers, jewelers, chefs (and a few folks who didn't realize they needed an apron until they saw this one). Feel free to email your inquiry.

I know zip and care none about food politics in Houston. I know I love food in its freshest farm state. I know that I've lost count of the special occasions celebrated with a plate of Monica Pope's food. When we arrived in Houston 20 years ago and started discovering the food scene, she was one of the first memories I have of food that echoed something less produced. Something more elemental. I connected to this concept then. I connect to it now and these aprons were a reflection less of a 24 hour deadline and more of something that has moved me for years.

Thanks to Sparrow Bar + Cookshop, Reality Photography, and Primer Grey. It has been a delight collaborating with each of you.