Welcome Kelly

November 10, 2012


Our Stash Crew is growing. At the end of October, we added another artist into our creative collective over here at Stash Co. Welcome Kelly Amber Garcia. You may recognize her from her documentary project The Pinpoint Method and as one half of the very stylish team over at Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno. In fact she is still actively working on both those endeavors. And you can support her work on The Pinpoint Method by voting for her in the GOOD Maker Challenge.

For Kelly's very first day on the job she got "the talk". Oh, perhaps you aren't familiar with "the talk". Over here "the talk" is when I show new employees where to find the following essential items.

first aid kit - bourbon - plastic bag* - local ER

On Kelly's second day, the entire crew remarked that it was as if Kelly had been here all along. Her fit within our team was evident as she jumped right in to our rushed rhythm of preparations for Urban Market.

On the third day, Kelly got a chance to put "the talk" into action. We were frantically yet calmly finishing preparations for Market while simultaneously giving an interview to Southern Living when Chloe calmly and quietly severed the tip of her thumb on a fresh rotary. Kelly raced to Chloe's side to administered aid and transported to the ER. Both girls were absolute champs and Chloe is healing nicely with a brand-spanking new thumb tip.

Aside from the initial excitement, we've all settled in to a nice groove. Kelly is both building and assisting with in-house photography, marketing, and design. Based on a series of recent meetings, I'm just about bursting to share what is headed your way in the next few weeks but I will remain patient.

*[In case you need further detail, the plastic bag is available in the event one of us inadvertently severs an appendage while building.]