Stash Factory Revival

November 18, 2012

The writing is on the wall. For the first time in its 103 year history, the doors of the factory will open to customers. It feels like a revival of sorts.

We'll be celebrating with pie and music and shopping.
Friday, Nov 30 is for appointments.
Saturday, Dec 1 is open.

We'll be sharing Saturday with our families and friends. We hope to get a good circle jam going. We may order in some bbq if you are here around lunch time. I heard someone was planning to break out horseshoes. We are working on a few special guests.

We'll have our brand new logo tees along with a whole lot of first look merchandise that you can only buy direct. Make someone's day with Stash. Or make yours.

Email us to schedule your specific time or just sign in here so we can send you the details.