Mantra + Update

February 21, 2013

we must savor the moment we are in 
- the laughter -
- the comraderie - 
like sunlight on an evening cloud bank it will never reflect precisely these patterns and colors ever again

There have been a few sunrises on the drive home. Ones that catch your breath in your chest. Reflecting in the flooded rice field in such a way that the sky continues almostly endless lighting even the earth with its brilliant array of color.

I feel extraordinarily lucky to have participated in several endeavors in various stages of my career that I remember thinking at the time, it can't get better than this. But things change, people change, circumstances alter and we realize only later what we had in that fleeting moment. So weekly, no, darn near daily, I try to stop and take it all in.

Most days I juggle plates. Lots of plates. And ocasionally one crashes to the ground or someone throws three more in the loop. Last week I got a little under the weather. Couldn't move at the usual speed of light. Couldn't juggle. I could just hear all the plates crashing around me.

So this week I'm back to juggling. We are hosting a concert at the factory space, Saturday, February 23. We will be opening our doors for the Will Johnson Living Room Tour. Just a few tickets remain here. This is an opportunity to see an intimate acoustic performance from one of our favorite people. To learn more about Johnson, here is an article Six Degrees of Will Johnson from Texas Monthly magazine.

We are also hosting our first official externship. Our friend, artist, designer, teacher, Brecken Geiman is joining us all the way from Virginia for 5 days. She is here to experience and assist with life at the factory. 

Last night as I sat around the dinner table with my family, crew, and friends, it hit me. Even now, many of my most trusted team members have such a brilliant inner light to shine out into the world. Burgeoning potential that must eventually move on and shine on its own. I could feel something fleeting. Someone was telling a story and I pulled back from the scene and repeated my mantra. We must savor the moment we are in - the laughter - the comraderie - like sunlight on an evening cloud bank it will never reflect precisely these patterns and colors ever again.