AIR | Brecken Geiman

March 03, 2013

Hosting artists at the factory keeps us inspired and helps ratify our mission to create a positive environment that nurtures community and collaboration. In this spirit, we've hosted a variety of artists including musicians, a metal artisan, bookmakers, painters, chefs, writers, and photographers. It is cool to experience the space, the history, and Stash efforts with a new soul. AIR, as this is being called in-house, is short for artist-in-residence. Look for new artist collaborators to pop up throughout the year.

Last fall we met Brecken Geiman and had a spontaneous midnight picnic and headlamp tour of the old gins at the factory. We discussed the possibility of having her come reside with us for a time to just soak up the environment and collaborate. Finally in February our schedules aligned and we hosted Brecken for a week.

Brecken is a visual artist with special interest in fashion design, costuming, and jewelry design. When she is not building jewelry in the attic of a century-old farmhouse overlooking a creek lit by fire flies, Brecken teaches art courses and travels extensively.

Brecken shares our love for salvaged materials and has a headlong fearlessness that we really dig. Honestly, we could not have hosted Will Johnson nearly as well without all her help. She hung lights, installed shelving, mentored our interns, and created a few goodies for our spring lines. I think we packed a month into a week and set ourselves up for certain future projects.