The Tree | The Table

March 10, 2013

Stash began with a love for materials. But more than just collecting, Stash Co is where collecting meets design execution and usability.

When you find something beautiful, how do you carve and shape it into something usable yet artful? What does the material call to become? That is the challenge that perhaps above all others drives everyone participating in Stash Co.

I collect textiles. Mr Stash collects trees. Tired of seeing trees chipped away into oblivion, we invested in a mobile saw mill. We then added a 72 inch chainsaw to the mix. Mr Stash began collecting and sawing trees and building furniture from them.

The table you see above started as this 80+ foot cottonwood you see below. The entire process began in 2011.

The cottonwood was cleared as a potential road hazard in the way of a safer bridge for a local county. With a 5 foot diameter base, this tree was a rare Texas find. Though not traditionally valued as a furniture wood, we felt the white wood should be saved and turned into something useful. So Mr Stash and his crew salavaged a 40 foot section of the cottonwood, loaded onto a truck with a crane, and took to the yard to cure.

The slab was cut and the tabletop was sanded and hand-planed with great care to preserve the live edge. The entire top was sealed in a wax to preserve the white finish while hours and hours of testing for new finishes began. Our team welded the table and chair bases then we had a local company powder coat them.

There has been a great deal of excitement over the table. So last Friday Mr Stash and crew finally took the time to saw the rest of the slabs. 

The salvage has served us well. We have a piece that is working on a lovely spalt and the latest top has cured with a lovely gray patina (not shown here) that will be butterflied with an ebony atop an iron oxide base and flanked with midnight cowhide stools. All tables are available for sale. Call for pricing.

Special thanks to David, Jeramiha, Rick, and Robert plus all of my crew who have kept the table waxed and polished.