Buffalo Spring

May 23, 2013

"We must savor the moment we are in.
The laughter.
The camraderie.
Like sunlight on an evening cloud bank.
It will never reflect precisely these patterns and colors ever again."
- Stash

With that thought in mind and a plan to celebrate new and favorite products. We gathered.
People who inspire and support us.
Our tribe.
Each bringing a unique chair to the dinner table as we would our unique perspective to the drawing board. In this moment, our lookbook and Buffalo Spring was born.


From the bottom of our hearts, I thank each and every one who collaborated here. You honored and supported us and each other. You made the project a joy and a thrill which exceeded our imaginations.

Micah Bickham | Producer \ Director

Andrew McMillian | Steadi Cam Operator

Kelly Garcia | Production Coordinator \ Art Director

Brandi Lisenbe | Production Assistant \ Stylist

The Wandering Bufaleros | Music \ Engineer from Swamp Sessions

Paul Forde | Owner \ Set Design \ Construction Coordinator

Cheryl Schulke | Owner \ Executive Producer


Special thanks to friends who joined us for this collaborative dinner!

Jessica Virgin \ fashion goddess

Ephraim and Joel \ zombie slayers

Ali Marie and Dolan Geiman \ scout masters "always prepared"

Oanh Tran \ ghost chair girl

Justin Klein \ stunt coordinator

Jacob Lisenbe \ head whittler

Stash Jr \ dog whisperer