Leather Bound

September 05, 2013

A few good things have happened this summer. I haven't paused much to consider or share.

Funny thing. This isn't a business where we have some complex level of ownership \ management off taking exotic vacations. It is quite hard to leave, even for a few hours in a day. When good press comes through, we hunker down and build build build. Both the company and the merchandise. There is no sitting in a quiet office ordering merch from faraway lands. So the continuous motion continues.

I have one remaining grandparent, my maternal grandmother. Not the factory grandma but the grandma who taught me to sew and cook. She set the bar high for her oldest grandaughter. For all of us. We've been jumping ever since.

She isn't able to make it out as much these days so she knows I stay busy and she is very good about reminding me to also stay grounded. Take precious time. Don't forget my daughter. I recently had a chance to visit with her and when we were talking about what exactly it was that I was doing, I attempted explanation and then stopped and pulled out my computer and showed her the episode of Mirror Mirror. It was a great way to encapsulate my life right now. Thank you Sabrina and Reggie!


I just updated our press page and I think we have a few things to stop and celebrate. Pick up a copy of PaperCity if you are in Houston this week and check out "Leather Bound". Mary Lambrakos, you totally knocked it out of the park. I've never experienced my own story in quite such a lovely and expansive way.  

However, I have to take some advice from grandma. I'm pausing for a few days. Precious time to be sure. Leaving operations in the capable hands of my good team. Bear with them. Our factory AC is out in the single hottest space at this time of year and our hope for repair has been pushed until Monday. Though they are tough, things take a little longer when you are wading through the conditions of these late summer days. Emily will be available to answer your questions as always.

Have a lovely weekend!