Wennerstrom + Johnson

January 16, 2017




Live music is magic. In part because it lives purely in the moment. We've been hosting live acoustic shows at our factory space since 2011 when Will Johnson added us to his Living Room Tour.

Intimate and unique experiences stripped down to the most essential moment of musician and their passion. We are beyond thrilled to host two powerhouse singers. Join us for an acoustic evening with Erika Wennerstrom of the Heartless Bastards and Will Johnson of Centro-Matic. This is a private event at the factory and limited tickets are available for the evening HERE.

"The factory has been preserved and nurtured to an extent to where I suspect it looks much the same as it might have a hundred years ago. It's a glimpse into an America that once was; a sacred fortress cherished by its owners, built with great care, and rich with soul. It's one of my favorite places to play music."

- Will Johnson

The original local-cut Cypress floors and walls and ceilings have provided a great backdrop for chef-driven dinners and intimate acoustic shows hosted by the Stash family includingWill Johnson, Sarah Jaffe, Ryan Holweger, Vaden Todd Lewis of The Toadies.