Must Be Present

November 29, 2017

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9 | We are opening the factory to you one final day in December. We will host a Stash and Boyds of Texas Popup. We will also feature a closeout like never before.

We are closing out all factory samples, limited editions, and overstocks.

Shop 2 - 6 pm at the Stash Factory in Sealy

We’ll be serving homemade apple pie and warm beverages from Hunter Beans Coffee Roasters all afternoon.

Come play CHARITY BINGO for The Houston Foodbank.

Bingo Rounds run from 3-3:40 and 4-4:40.

Winners get to choose from a selection of secret Stash Santa gifts ranging in value from $50 to $500.


Following the shopping event at 6. Our friends from Kitchen Without Walls will serve up a warm bowl of soup while we reset the space for our concert with Will Johnson.

Just plan to come and hang with us. We'll have our fire pit out and warm beverages on. Bundle up and join the fun.

Tickets to the Will Johnson Concert are available at Undertow Music and all proceeds from his show are also going to The Houston Food Bank in honor of all the hard work they did during Harvey.