Smells Like Leather

November 03, 2017


This year has been so busy we haven't had time to tell you everything that we've been working on. Nearly one year ago, we met Boyds of Texas. Kismet made us neighbors at an Art Fair and most shoppers thought we were a single shop as our aesthetics tied so well together.

They specialize in high quality handmade apothecary and have been carrying their Coffee Scrub (a Stash favorite), soaps, sprays, and body oils ever since. If I were Oprah and I could gift everyone, then everyone would get Boyds.

At some point this year we realized we needed to collaborate. It may have been when they visited the factory and had their first sensory encounter with our space. Katy and Dennon - the artisan owners of Boyds - describe it in this way.

The Stash factory emits it's own scent. Scraps of hides lay in piles. The heat of countless Texas summers is buried in the wooden shiplap walls. Everything carries a patina. Everything is aged. But there's also a sweetness, a dusty breeze of cedar and floral meadows. 

Six months in the making and CUERO was born. An all-natural, handcrafted unisex fragrance line inspired by the leather we are surrounded by every day.

The line includes a gorgeous 50mL bottle of Eau de Parfum, soaps in Natural and Charcoal, and a Face and Body Oil in 30mL and 100mL. If you want to try out the scent, you can order a tester.

Leather is scented by the products used in the tanning process. Since Stash favors naturally tanned leathers, the CUERO scent takes a cue from that and creates a modern experience that is rooted in traditional leather scents of the early 20th century, CUERO follows in the footsteps of the androgynous classics while bringing the warmth of Texas and Mexico to the formula. 

Our version has a fleeting burst of citrus and soft florals quickly becomes rooted in the dryer, dusty woods of various cedars. This deepens on the skin and is joined by the slightest hint of warm jasmine, before it develops and softens into darker woods and smoky leather.