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Artisan Apron | Quarter

Made in Texas.

Premium lightweight leather body protects a greater surface area. Adjustable straps are sturdy American Bison.

This one is for the builders. The makers. The doers. This apron style has been delivered around the world for everything from hard daily restaurant service, to coffee shops, to wine bars, to top chefs, welders, woodworkers, gardeners, landscapers, antique dealers, and artisans of all varieties.

  • 2 - 3 oz. leather
  • Oiled finish adds protection against soil and stains
  • Organic 3 compartment pocket
  • American Bison straps
  • Adjustable loop + tie waist strap
  • Wipe liquids away immediately
  • As with any leather goods, do not expose aprons to excessive water or direct sunlight
  • Apron width| 26 in
  • Apron length | approx 14 in