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The Honor Society - Honesty

Honesty really is always the best policy. If you know someone who did good and chose to be honest in a sticky situation, reward them!

It's an amazing feat and deserves recognition, so celebrate the accomplishment and reinforce this noble trait with a merit badge. 

Designed with love in the USA.

Mission Statement //

If you want to change the world, you have to start in childhood. It's in this vein that we created our badges and it's our hope that with them, kids are encouraged to do good, be good and live good. We've found that kids love our badges and to celebrate the good they do and that parents love that a badge lasts a heckuva lot longer than a lollipop and reinforces all the good done, so it hopefully becomes a habit over time. By encouraging kids to do good, be good and live good we can build a bridge to a brighter future together.