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Mala Bracelet

Malas are traditionally used in Buddhist culture as a part of the practice of meditation, however, today malas are enjoyed by people around the world looking to gain mental clarity and live in the present.

Our collection of Mala* bracelets are handmade in Nepal using traditional inlaid beads. These beads are hand carved, inlaid with coral and turquoise style pieces, and strung 27 beads per 7.5 inch bracelet. Available in 4 colors, choose your favorites to build your own unique stack!

Beads may also be repurposed into your own unique jewelry designs. Multiple bracelets may be pictured, however each bracelet is sold individually.


The yak bone beads are inlaid with brass, red coral and turquoise. They are handmade in Nepal by artisans using culturally traditional techniques. Turquoise is believed to be a detoxifying stone and wards against evil. The use of bone in mala beads, as well as jewelry, in Tibetan/Buddhist culture symbolizes impermanence.