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32 Ways to Dress Baby Animals

Perfect for little hands and big imaginations!

Stash Loves keeping the little ones beautifully busy learning. Wee Gallery is a great combination of modern nostalgia. These little books slip easily into one of our Stash bags for those moments when you need to keep them occupied.

From our beloved children’s activity book series – 32 Ways to Dress Baby Animals is chock-full of adorable illustrations of bunnies, kittens, pups, cubs and joeys.

Children can employ a multimedia exploration – paint, collage, crayons, pencils – to style up these baby animal friends any way their ideas can take them. Perforated pages are removable for displaying finished artwork and perfect binding with matte finish gives these books lovely feel. 

Eco Conscious

Wee Gallery is a small, family business and we strive to make the world a better place by engaging with our community and the world around us. We use only sustainably sourced materials and partner with companies that operate on socially sustainable practices. We strive to use minimal packaging and keep everything biodegradable. We use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) card stock in our cards and soy inks. Wee Gallery WeeCals are made with Polypropylene, instead of PVC.  All the cotton in our soft goods is certified organic under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and stuffed with OEKO-TEX approved polyfill made from recycled materials.

We also world citizens with roots in India and the UK. While we strive to do things locally, we also look to the world to help us sustain our business. We source from India for hand-made cotton. We source from China for offset printing and boxes We source from the US for Wall Graphics and Coloring Books.  Our Nesting Dolls are made in Russia by traditional craftsmen.  All our vendors agree to a code of conduct which includes workers rights and responsible use of resources.

It’s important that you know where the products in your home come from.  At Wee Gallery, we get that.  That’s why we use only Earth-friendly ingredients in our products.