Artisan Maker Apron | Porter

Our ARTISAN APRON is made of durable waxed leather and is worn by chefs, servers, woodworkers, landscapers, and artisans around the world. Features two convenient pockets and fully adjustable criss-cross leather tie straps for easy fit. Criss-cross design distributes weight across shoulders for improved working comfort. One size fits most.

  • 2 oz Waxed Leather
  • Durable for work
  •  Lightweight for comfort
  • Antique brass double rivets
  • Two leather pockets
  • Organic edge pockets
  • Adjustable criss-cross leather tie straps

Bib | 10 in wide 

Body | 23 in wide x 30 in high

Tie | 50 in long x  .5 in wide