Artisan Indigo Candle

We can't resist a lovely container.

Inspired by the indigo-washed tones of the fashion runways. This candle will fit into most decor schemes as a classic. The elegant rich blue variations of the drip glaze design render this piece timeless.  

Available in four scents : Bamboo, Bora Bora, Blue Summer Night, and Maui Melon.

This ceramic pottery will be an instant staple for your home. The crisp and clean aroma of the fragrance with its ozonic and water-inspired tones will really bring an instant clean and openness to any area of your home. Perfect for a gift or pick up a couple of these to enhance your collection!

  • Premium soy blend wax
  • Earth clay ceramic is covered in marbled glaze
  • Wax is hand-poured in Ohio
  • 3.5 in diameter
  • Each candle varies slightly but the color tones shown with each scent are consistent

The founder of the company, Drea Groeschel of Nashville, set out to create candles that do more than simply give light and freshen the air in your home. Using multiple wicks creates a dynamic landscape of candlelight—it’s like the difference between a single star and a canopy of stars. Drea specifies the proportions of the drip-glazed ceramic pottery to maximize the effect, and she uses blue-hued glazes on the inside surfaces to reflect the shimmering lights.

When you want to add instant atmosphere to an indoor or outdoor table setting, Drea’s multi-wick candles cast a warm, inviting spell. Depending on the size, these candles provide between 40 hours and 75 hours of burn time, and you can reuse the ceramic vessel (it makes a great container for floating candles). Each creation is a luminous work of art.