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Batman Ring Oxidyzed

"Always be yourself! Unless you can be Batman. Then be Batman."

Zoe's favorite find on our trip to Paris. 

Handcrafted by Gaspard Hex in his studio in Le Marais, Paris.

Diamonds are VS+ quality. Silver is .925 sterling silver. Chains also.

Note from the artist...

The oxidized pieces, especially the rings and the chains will become polished little by little when the people wear them. So the ring is kind of evolving and in a symbolic way I like the fact that the people make the ring become polished with time. The knots on the chain of the Orion Pendants are meant to be there, it makes like a little detail on the neck. Of course they are suttered so they cannot untie. The ouroboros rings can be worn as phalanx rings or pinky rings, and for some people with very thin fingers, also as normal rings. their size can be a little bit adjusted as they are open rings. I joined a polishing cloth, so around every month the polished pieces and the insides of the oxidized ones should be cleaned with it so that it shines perfectly.