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Campaign Chair | Bison

Our CAMPAIGN CHAIR features highly figured shrunken American Bison paired beautifully with hand-turned local mesquite to create a statement piece that is as usable as it is lovely.

British officers took a bit of civilization and their leather CAMPAIGN CHAIR with them no matter where they went nor how difficult the conditions. There were proprieties to be maintained. This folding leather chair was a staple around the campfire.

Elegant enough for the den, built for the campsite. 

  • 7-8 oz  Premium North American Bison
  • Unique grain and distinctive lines
  • Brass hardware
  • Mesquite or Pecan wood frame
  • Completely collapsable

Chair | 23 in x 23 in 

Seat | 14 in from floor

Back | 32 in from floor

    A collaboration between my dad and I, this chair is an inspired historical reproduction that we have reimagined with a durable bison and modern hardware. Although the chair is meant to be portable, you will find that this chair is so lovely that it merits a full time space in your home.


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