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Contour Pocket Mask | Japanese Eco Cotton

NEW My personal favorite of our masks. Our Eco Cotton is dyed and woven in the beautiful region of Ibara City Japan.  A craftsman fabric made of 59% cotton and  41% recycled cotton fiber.

Contour mask with cord is designed to go around your head. Made in Texas by the Stash team. Made sustainably from our stock of cotton fabrics.  Launder before use. Machine wash low temp. For best results, air dry.

Mask has nose wire to shape to face and ships standard with black Nylon Cord (NON/STRETCH) and cord lock. 


Cord threads through each side of the mask to be looped and tightened at the base of the neck. Upper strap meant to be worn over the crown of your head. The lower strap goes around the base of the neck and tightens with cord lock. The cord is approximately 48 inches.

As a bonus, we are now including a yard of 2mm elastic as a secondary option on all Pocket Masks to expand your wearability options.

Contour at nose top to bottom measures 6.5 inches. The mask wraps approximately 12 inches from ear to ear. Our pattern is based on an adult medium but we find this size to be a good average to fit adults to children. 

All masks FINAL SALE. No exceptions.

NOTE These masks are not a replacement for medical-grade N95 masks or PPE but are meant to bridge the gap. Masks do not replace or reduce the necessity to practice social distancing in the fight against COVID19.

Pocket masks now ship in 4ml drawstring bag for easy storage and reuse. Masks are available in several varieties. View full collection here.