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Essential Oil Rollers

Therapeutic grade Essential Oil blends.

Every bottle of oil has been sourced from an ethical producer and tested to ensure its purity and grade.

Bug Bitten

When to Use: Apply Bug Bitten when you need to cool down and ease feelings of discomfort.

Aroma Profile: Fresh, Camphoraceous

What's Inside:

Lavender - Soothing and aids with inflammation.

Peppermint - Cooling, soothing and aids with feeling of discomfort.

Tea Tree - Can help reduce feelings of pain and aids with inflammation.

Rosemary - Aids with inflammation and relaxes the body.


    Aroma Profile: Fresh, Minty

    What's Inside:

    Lavender - Alleviate feelings of tension and calms the mind. Soothing and comforting.
    Frankincense - Quiets the mind. Alleviates feelings of discomfort.
    Rosemary - Stimulates and strengthens the mind. Energizes and uplifts.
    Eucalyptus - Uplifting. Clears the mind and soothes exhaustion. Encourages a sense of extra support.

    Dream Weaver

    When to Use: before bed to help calm your mind and body. This blend is meant to be soothing and nurturing.

    Aroma Profile: Smooth, Floral

    What's Inside:

    Roman Chamomile - Calming and soothing. Reduces over-thinking. Harmonizing.
    Lavender - Calms, soothes, and nurtures. Relaxing to the mind and body.
    Ylang Ylang - Relaxing and encourages feelings of euphoria.

    Eye of the Storm

    When to Use: When you need some help calming your mind and body.

    Aroma Profile: Rich, Sweet, Floral

    What's Inside:

    Lavender - Calms, soothes, and nurtures. Helps to calm the mind and body.
    Rose Geranium - Fosters a sense of security and stability. Protection from irritability.
    Clary Sage - Calms the mind. Emotionally uplifting.
    Bergamot - Relaxing, restorative, and calming. Emotionally uplifting.

    Ground Control

    When to Use: When you're feeling out of control and need to be brought back to Earth, reach for Ground Control. It's a powerful grounding blend.

    Aroma Profile: Warm, Smooth, Resinous

    What's Inside:

    Sandalwood - Quiets mental activity. Encourages acceptance and reduces feelings of aggression and irritability.
    Neroli - Relaxes nerves, calms and soothes the heart.
    Roman Chamomile - Calms feelings of anger and frustration. Offers support in difficult situations.
    Lavender - Calms, soothes, and nurtures. Encourages balance and helps to calm feelings of panic.

    Sacred Space

    When to Use: Sacred Space is perfect for quieting the mind. Reach for it before meditation or when you need some help grounding yourself.

    Aroma Profile: Warm, Smooth

    What's Inside:

    Ylang Ylang - Relaxing, encourages feeling of euphoria, helps one to experience joy.
    Patchouli - Balance an overactive mind and opens up the breath. Grounding.
    Sandalwood - Supports meditation and inner unity. Quiets mental activity.
    Cedarwood - Grounding.


    When to Use: Spark is great when you need that extra boost. It clears the mind and uplifts the spirit.

    Aroma Profile: Fresh, Citrus

    What's Inside:

    Sweet Orange - Emotionally uplifting and calms feeling of tension.
    Peppermint - Uplifts the mind to reduce fatigue. Stimulates new ideas and creativity.
    Eucalyptus - Soothes exhaustion and clears the mind. Uplifting.