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Modern Mystic | Palo Santo X Copal Body Oil

The incense smoke of copal resin and palo santo has long been used by indigenous shamans of South America in spiritual cleansing ceremonies. We use this daily on wet skin. It moisturizes and seals without feeling that lingering oily layer on your skin.

Use this body oil in your body care ritual after a shower, in a bath, in preparation for meditation, or just to be mentally ready for the day.

When URB discontinued their Body Oil which we all use daily, we worked with one of our favorite apothecary specialists to formulate our own blend. With Modern Mystic you get double the amount so it will last you longer and with consideration to minimizing waste, we will soon be offering refill packs that allow you to refill your own bottle. Email us for details on the refill.


Our formula contains the following oils: organic sesame, organic jojoba, vitamin E, palo santo, bergamot, vetiver, and copal resin.