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Shaman's Spear Amber Copal Bijou

This statement necklace is made of Old Bone Shaman's Spear Pendant with a Cluster of Agate & Amber with Ancient Hebron and Large Natural Golden Copal Nuggets.

This hand-carved African spear has a beautiful patina and amazing character. Both sides are beautifully decorated. Old trade beads, clay and stone grace the top of the pendant and a large lapis bead is mixed in with these rich earth colors.

On each side of the pendant are old natural golden copal nuggets filled with colorful inclusions. Suspended from glass tubes are ancient Hebron beads capped with blue lapis.

Natural copal nuggets continue up the necklace and are separated by old trade beads of different colors to provide nice accents and interest and to pull the feel of the pendant up into the necklace.

High-quality Bali Silver Clasp.

Length of necklace is approx. 20.5 inches long (includes clasp).