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Spinning Top No. 3

Mora Wood spinning top.

Each one-of-a-kind wooden toy is handmade in San Francisco with an added touch of grown up craftsmanship.
  • Hand-turned
  • 2" tall
  • 1.25" diameter

Of all the things that bring us sheer childlike joy—the pogo stick, the scooter, the remote control car—the slingshot is tops. Stuffed in a back pocket and taken for a hike, it leads to endless amusement and mischief. I fell back in love with slingshots after one of my friends started bringing his on camping and bicycle tours. To kill time we'd shoot cans, bodies of water, and off high places. Being a crafty sort of person I thought I might try making a few unique slingshots for myself. I got a little carried away (as I often do) and well you can see now I make a ton of wooden slingshots... or if you speak West Coast "Hella Slingshots."