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Sycamore Street Press

Lovely Day Card

Made in America

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Frame as mini art.

Lovely Day Card // by  Sycamore Street Press

  • 4.25 x 5.5 folded card
  • Printed in America
  • Sustainable materials
  • Hand drawn illustration and lettering by Eva Jorgensen

    "While living in a little row house on Sycamore Street, I started printing my drawings with the help of a vintage letterpress. Inspired by folk art and fresh color, I made tidy stacks of cards, prints, bookplates, and more. Late at night, neighbors could hear the click clack of the press through our dining room walls...

    But our story really began a few years before that, when Kirk and I got married. I told him that instead of a fancy ring, I wanted to explore the world. And so we took off, a modest silver band around my finger. 

    Since then, Kirk and I have tried to create that kind of life for ourselves. Sycamore Street Press is a continuation of that. We are proud of the simple, beautiful things that we make. And we are proud to make them with quality, sustainable materials in the rugged Utah mountains we call home."

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