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Terra Cotta Buddha Bijou

This statement necklace is made of Terra-Cotta Beads Engraved with the Budhha Image, Brushed with Gold Leaf, Puffed Hammered Copper, Capped Tibetan Rudraksha Bead with Turquoise and Coral Inlay, Vintage Turkomen Bead with Splattered Enamel, Puffed Brass Bead, Handmade Solid Copper Bead with Hammered Sides and a Granulated Strip, Large Glazed Ceramic Bead, Carved Jade, Tibetan Prayer Beads Made of Yak Bone, Handmade Copper Sculptures, Hanging Handmade Enameled Copper Disk, Turquoise, Decorated and inlaid Tibetan Beads with Nice Detailing.

This is a quirky assemblage of old, interesting beads. They are varied with an abundance of texture and movement. Handmade sculpture beads create 3 dimensions and interesting depth and textures.

  • Beautiful handmade terra-cotta bead that is engraved with the Buddha image. It shows a great deal of presence and displays warm brown tones. It is brushed with gold leaf. It is approx. 27mm in diameter.
  • Handmade hammered brass puffed disk bead with a beautiful design. Approx. 10mm x 24mm. This bead was made by artisans in Nepal.
  • Handmade solid copper bead, handcrafted by local Nepalese artisans. It has hammered sides and a granulated strip that goes around the circumference. Really beautiful. It is approx. 25 x 29mm.
  • Large handmade ceramic bead, with a striking green glaze with dark green flecks, which create beautiful depth. It is capped by two red jasper beads. It is approx. 20 mm.
  • Carved jade bead in shades of chocolate and mocha brown.
  • Two large organic leaf-like copper-shaped sculpture pendants float on each side. Filled with small beads and interesting elements.
  • Terrra-cotta beads, with gold leaf, from a Buddhist monk's prayer mala create a rich gold flash of color and luster.
  • Beautiful hand-crafted Tibetan beads with inlay of carnelian, silver caps and detailing create additional richness.
  • Gorgeous Indian Rudraksha bead prayer bead that has brass caps inlaid with turquoise and coral.
  • Unique vintage Turkomen metal bead that has been splattered with orange enamel.
  • Large wavy silver plated spacers, Tibetan prayer bead inlaid with turquoise, made of Yak bone, bright orange enameled and cupped copper dangle and conch spacers have been placed throughout the necklace to provide a graphic, textural feel.

Clasp is handmade, decorated copper.

Length of necklace is approx. 21.25 inches (includes clasp).