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The Bedtime Idea Box

Does your child need help transitioning to bedtime?
Are you looking to add to your bedtime routine or help establish one?

The Bedtime Box is just what you need!

Inside the box you will find activities that your child can do while lying in bed, such as, look at things through hand binoculars, count all knuckles on hands/feet, feel your heartbeat and many more. Activities are quiet and meant to provide that little bit of extra that your child may need while transitioning. Your child will love choosing a coin from their Bedtime Box. And, the grown-ups will love that everything is done in a quiet, child-friendly way.

All of the activities in the Bedtime Box are simple, require little to no prep-work, and use items that are found around the house. When you make the activities in your Idea Box as child-directed as possible, your child is learning to listen, ask questions, and follow directions. In addition, when your child takes the lead, you are providing an opportunity to help build their self-esteem, promote independent thinking and grow their decision-making skills.

Our Idea Boxes are secretly educational…but, your child will never know!

Here are just a few of the quiet activities you will find in the box:

  • Stack cotton balls
  • Make faces in mirror
  • Copy blinking patterns
  • Look at things through hand binoculars
  • Play Simon Says w/ facial expressions or small movements

The best part is that the ideas and activities never get can do them over and over again.

AGES: 3-10
ACTIVITIES: 60 Simple Activities
COINS: 30 natural, wood coins, each measuring 1 ½ inches round
BOX SIZE: 4.75x2