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Turquoise Coral Silver Ghau Prayer Box Bijou

This statement necklace is made of Tibetan Silver, Coral and Turquoise Amulet Ghau Prayer Box W/Old Silver beads from Yemen, India, Turkmenistan, and Natural Coral Dyed Red

The heart of this necklace is the beautiful Ghau. Handmade with beautiful impeccable craftsmanship. It is a traditional amulet with a filigree silver setting in an eye shape.

It is Inlaid with coral and turquoise in a sterling setting with 3 small coral cabochons on the bale and another 2 coral cabochons and a turquoise cabochon on the silver Dorje that hangs below.

Hanging from the Dorje is a simple small silver bell. It is in excellent condition and is slightly old.

The turquoise and coral inlays are in a detailed setting, with the base being a silver box filigree setting. On top of the beautiful detailed filigree prayer box are 16 turquoise stones, and the next level of inlay are 8 coral pieces. The last level consists of an oval eye shape that has 10 small turquoise cabochons surrounding a larger turquoise cabochon in the center.

This amulet or Ghau opens and serves as a receptacle for relics or a prayer. It was made in the Himalayan region and is approx. 2.5 inches long (including the bale), 2-1/8 inch wide, and 1.2 inches (30mm thick).

Including the silver bell dangle, the pendant is approx. 2.75 inches (70mm) long.

I’ve graced this Tibetan Gau with vintage silver beads (small and large) from Yemen. They are 800/1000 silver content. Also vintage silver Turkomen beads made in the 1940's, and old silver Indian roundels, all with beautifully aged patina.

To complement and enhance this beautiful Ghau, vintage natural organic coral beads that have been dyed red, with beautiful inclusions and texture, continue throughout the necklace.

Other beads include small round turquoise beads made of howlite.

The clasp is decorated and is 925 silver.

Length of necklace is approx. 19 inches (includes clasp). With the extender, it is approx. 21 inches.