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Vintage Hebron Whorl Bijou

This statement necklace is made of Bleached and Polished jaw Pendant with Ancient Hebron Beads, Old Inscribed Clay Spindle Whorl Beads from Mali, and long Ethiopian "Pig Tail" Brass Beads.

This pendant has been bleached and the teeth filed, so they are smooth. This piece was found and no animal was harmed.

This OOAK necklace is a collection of old, ancient and found elements. The differences and similarities between these different elements create perfect companions.

A handmade copper element was added to create movement. Flanking the pendant are two ancient square-shaped yellow Hebron Beads. I’ve placed a gold leather cord between the ancient Hebron and old inscribed whorl spindle beads.

Two beautifully inscribed dark brown Spindle whorl beads anchor the pendant. Each bead is an individual, but they both have a beautiful delicate pattern.

These old terracotta spindles whorls are from the Djoboro and Timbuktu regions of the inland Niger Delta in Mali, Africa, and were made in the 19th Century. They differ in size but are approx. 28mm.

Spindle whorls were used for balancing the spindle as yarn was being spun. They were placed over the spindle and were loose enough to spin as the spindle was twirled back and forth.

Beautiful ancient green Hebron beads were placed behind the whorl beads and continue the earthy feel of this necklace.

These beads were made in Hebron prior to 1800 and could be as old as 500 years, as this type of bead first came into production just after the 12th Century. Hebron beads are said to be made with salts from the Dead Sea.

Hebron is a mystical holy city snuggled among the Judean Mountains in Palestine, famed for being the final resting place of Abraham, his kin and descendants.

Supporting are unusual Ethiopian brass beads, known as “Pig Tail” beads. They are long. Approx. 120-124mm in length and have a 10-14mm diameter. One Pig Tail has nice verdigris in places.

This necklace is strung with dark brown leather and has a copper clasp. I've added leather cord near the pendant to create interest.

Length of necklace is approx. 24 inches.