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Vintage Tiv Brass Whorl Bijou

This statement necklace is made of Kariba Zimbabwe: Old African Whorl Beads, Vintage Tiv Bronze Beads, Ancient Fossilized Bone, Vintage Nigerian Brass Beads and Ethiopian Biconal Silver Metal Beads

This dusty ancient earthy necklace consists of five old African whorl beads, Vintage decorated Tiv bronze beads, fossilized bone, vintage Nigerian Biconal Brass Beads and Ethiopian silver metal biconal beads.

The focal of the necklace are the beautiful old whorl beads from Africa. They are subtle in color and show decades of wear adding to their already rich patina. Some have a delicate design. These clay spindle whorl beads were made in Africa in the 1800s or early 1900s. They were placed together to create a block of rich, textured warm earth tones.

The whorl beads vary in size. The center bead is approx. 30mm

Two beautiful Tiv bronze beads grace this necklace. Tiv beads are considered a tubular tribal brass metal trade bead and were made using the lost wax casting process. They are over 100 years old and were made in Nigeria by the Yoruba tribe. I've capped them with vintage Ethiopian silver metal bicone beads.

Between the whorl beads, to create a nice joint, are old Yemenite silver beads and vintage Nigerian brass Biconal beads.

Finishing the necklace are ancient fossilized bone beads that have an amazing old patina. Mixed among them are Ethiopian silver metal bicone beads.

Length of necklace is approx. 19 inches long (includes clasp).

Clasp is thick sterling silver.