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Wine Wrap | Assorted Bison

Our WINE WRAP started as a gift for a friend then we started stocking them and suddenly they were featured on Good Morning America.

Add a touch of personal cool to a bottle of wine, spirits, or champagne. We also use as a wrap for drink glasses and when we are feeling really jaunty, it gets tied on a wrist.

WRAPS are available in an assortment of unique bison hides. We pick and you save.

No two are alike. They are handcut as we work through hides in production to ensure that no piece of leather gets wasted.

  • American Bison
  • Colors vary and unless specified, you’ll receive an assortment
  • Multi-wrap around bottle
  • Secure with leather string
Body | Approximate sizes Length: 16 - 18 in, Height: 4-6 in
String | 36 in