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Yellow Rose | Eau de Parfum


Our very first, dedicated floral fragrance. We set out to create a rose scent for people who hate rose scents. Yellow Rose is spicy, sweaty, dark, and dusty. A mystery story, told through a noir aesthetic.

A mysterious, spiced rose fragrance. Egyptian Rose mixes with Texas Cedar, amongst hints of cumin and pepper, incense and smoke, before ending with the soft sensuality of gaiac wood.

TOP:  cumin, caraway, pink pepper, rose water
HEART:  egyptian rose, texas cedar
BASE:  sandalwood, guaiac, styrax resin

Eau de Parfum sprays available in 50mL,15 mL travel, and 2.4mL sample sizes.

Boyd's Eau de Parfum fragrances are 100% natural. We do not use any synthetic ingredients or animal products, instead relying on sourcing the highest quality natural materials from around the world.